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The Tirrenia machines are the "high end" or "Ferrari" 

of the beach cleaning world.

Tirrenia Group is a global leader born as a company to support public and private clients to create the safest, cleanest and most beautiful beach environments for their clients. With a broad range of solutions, both hydraulically and ecological, we work with our clients to provide to the best service. 

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Our machines are based upon several factors, beach size being one of them.

Other factors include the type of sand (humidity), the architecture of the beach (obstacles and furnitures etc) and the types of client that use your beach (Families etc).

We created new Hydraulic and Ecological solutions.

The Company is on the market since 1975. In the last 10 years we have worked to improve our technology and to find new ecological solutions. Our purpose was always to find new ways to "respect of the ambient" more and more, in every field of application. 

With cleaning machines for all sizes of beach, every 

climate and every budget we provide a tailored service to 

help you to keep beaches 

safe, clean and beautiful.

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Many have tried to imitate our beach cleaners, but no one has ever obtained the same quality and reliability

of the original Tirrenia

machines -  HAND BUILT IN ITALY. 

Our products are 

guaranteed by our 45 years of experience, hard work and unique technological innovations. 

Our numbers talk for themselves.

For 45 years we have 

supplied innovation with high technology, and today we 

retain our valued clients because they trust our machines. 

They know - not all beach cleaners are built the same.

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All of our machines utilize our patented hydraulic sand sifting technology, eliminating mechanical drive parts.

Extremely easy to control. The central wheelbase design allows for ultra maneuverability which makes it ideal for working around beach furniture, making beach cleaning faster.


Tirrenia machines, thanks to the “hydraulic system”, have less maintenance and longer durability.

Tirrenia adopted a special "Anti-Corrosion Solutions"using the Hot Galvanizing.



Very easy to drive with the hydraulic drive system - using two "joystick" / levers - one for each wheel and a pedal to accelerate. Also we introduced a “safety pedal” - to stop the machine in an emergency situation simply by releasing it. (keep it pressed while you are cleaning).

Our promise

Safe, Cleaned, Beautiful Beaches

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Our range of machines with technical specifications 

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