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The Tirrenia beach cleaning machines are the "high end" or "Ferrari" of the beach cleaning world.
Clean your beach with a high end machine 


Tirrenia Group delivers the most exceptional and beautiful beach cleaning machines. Unique and patented technology means that beauty and efficiency will last you for decades. Not all beach cleaning machines are born equal...


Unique & patented Hydraulic drive system

Sand and salt in your drive train will kill your beach cleaner faster than anything.

Our unique and patented hydraulic drive system delivers a sealed fluid drive to eliminate salt and sand entry. 

The result: Endurance for years, and a smooth independent wheel drive that allows unparalleled manoeuvrability (Spin on the spot) to allow close work to beach furniture.

Many have tried to imitate our patented beach cleaners, but no one has ever obtained the same quality and reliability of the original Tirrenia machines -  HAND BUILT IN ITALY. 

Our products are guaranteed by our 45 years of experience, hard work and unique technological innovations. 

beach cleaners Tirrenia

Company Herritage 

Our Company has been partnering with beach owners since 1975. In the last decade we have worked hard to perfect our patented technology.  The latest range of Tirrenia machines  deliver on our ground breaking innovations - to give balance - poise and amazing sand floating technology.

We work with you to keep your beach safe, clean and beautiful.

HYDRAULIC drive extends to our world-class  SIEVE TECHNOLOGY

All of our machines utilize our patented hydraulic sand sifting technology with our patented  "Ram return", efficiently shaking the sand with our unique sealed hydraulics. The "Ram return" uniquely separates and sorts the debris - like no other.


PIVOT with elegance

Extremely easy to control. The central wheel balance  design combined with independent hydraulic wheel drive (no central axel) allows for ultra maneuverability which makes it ideal for working around beach furniture, making beach cleaning faster.


Tirrenia beach cleaning machines, thanks to the “hydraulic system” rather than cheaper mechanical drives systems, have less maintenance and longer durability - by years. Tirrenia adopted special "Anti-Corrosion Solutions" using a unique Hot Galvanizing process.



Very easy to drive with the hydraulic drive system - using two "joystick" / levers - one for each wheel and a pedal to accelerate. Also we introduced a “Dead switch safety pedal” - to stop the machine in an emergency situation - Just lift your foot to come to a dead stop. 

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Invest Wisely

We are reassuringly expensive. Because cheap in a corrosive sandy and salty environment means you pay twice. For 45 years we have been the number 1 trusted solution in Italy for endurance and long lasting, low maintenance cost beach cleaners. Our lifetime ownership costs are less than our competitors. Buy once - Buy well.

Our promise

Safe, Clean, Beautiful Beaches

Order your new TIRRENIA before the 30th of April - lock the price before the increase from the 1st of June due to the manufacturers change.

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Our range of machines with full technical specifications 

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